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DA Hike : Big News! Dearness allowance of employees will be 45%, money will rain fiercely

This year is going to be full of happiness for the central employees. Now their dearness allowance has been announced for January 2023. But in the meantime another heart-warming news has come to the fore. Let’s know the complete details about it.

The number of AICPI index for January 2023 has been released. The index has gained 0.5 points. This means that the dearness allowance has increased further. So far 42% dearness allowance has been approved. But, further increase in it is possible.

How far does the CPI-IW number reach?

The numbers of CPI-IW index for January 2023 have arrived. It has gained 0.5 points and the index number has reached 132.8. With this increase, the increase in dearness allowance for July 2023 has become clear. The way is getting cleared for the increase in DA/DR in July. Now the score has increased by 1% for central employees and pensioners. Means the dearness allowance for January 2023 was 42.37%.

On this basis, his dearness allowance has been increased to 42%. Now the numbers coming for July have increased by 1%. This means that it has now reached 43.08%. However, the number of CPI-IW index for the next 5 months will decide how much the DA/DR of employees and pensioners will actually increase.

DA/DR will be 42% from January

From January 2023, central employees and pensioners will get dearness allowance and dearness relief at the rate of 42%. It has been calculated on the data till December 2022. However, formally the central government has not announced it yet.

But, it has been approved in the cabinet meeting held last week. However, no announcement was made by the government regarding the approval. If sources are to be believed, it has to be announced by the cabinet before Holi. Only after this the notification will be issued.

How much will be the next dearness allowance?

The estimation of the dearness allowance to be received for July 2023 has started. According to the numbers of the index, it has gained 1%. Means it has become 43%. If we see according to this chart, then the total dearness allowance can reach 45%. According to the 7th pay commission its chart is given below.

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