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We Must Buy 5 Best Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans In 2022

Due to the increase in the uncertainties in people’s lives, it has become extremely important to secure the health of the people with a health insurance policy as it compensates for the high cost of medical treatment and also ensures quality treatment to the policyholders. does. private hospital. You must invest in a suitable health insurance policy that can easily provide adequate coverage to all the members of your family at an affordable price.

There are many plans like family floater health insurance plan which can cover you along with your spouse, children and dependent parents. But, if you have a case of critical illnesses then you have to buy a separate health insurance cover as the treatment of critical diseases requires high cost.

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Senior citizens in the family should be insured under a separate health insurance cover as they are more vulnerable to contracting a serious disorder. The cost of medical treatment for senior citizens has increased over time and at the same time, premiums for health insurance plans for older people have started costing more than usual. Hence, securing the health of the elderly in your home with a senior citizen health insurance plan is a wise decision as a policyholder. This can save your financial savings from getting depleted and it also provides relief to the customers in relieving the stress due to hospitalization and payment thereof.

We Must Buy New Best Health Insurance Plans For Senior Citizen In 2022 

we should know about important knowledge senior citizen health insurance plans.

1. HDFC ERGO My Health Suraksha Plan

This health insurance plan by HDFC ERGO is specially designed for senior citizens. It provides rebound for sum assured and is provided with other benefits like pre and post hospitalization expenses, household expenses, organ donor expenses and much more. It can prove to be a comprehensive and economical deal to insure your senior citizens under a suitable health insurance plan.

2. Oriental Senior Citizens HOPE Insurance Plan

This cover is offered by Oriental Health insurance firm which is quite popular for its high claim settlement ratio and quality services for the customers. Some of its basic inclusions offer compensation for surgeon fees, room rents, ICU charges, chemotherapy costs, nursing expenses, and a lot more. It has a compulsory co-payment of 20% on the admissible claim amount and comes with a waiting period of 2 years for pre-existing diseases.

3. New IFFCO Tokio Individual Medishield Plan

This plan is available for all customers up to the age of 80 years and hence, it is of great use for the senior citizens as it covers the medical dues of hospitalization, organ donor expenses, AYUSH treatments, etc. For additional coverage around 10 critical illnesses can be covered under this policy with discounts of up to 10% for additional members included under this cover.

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4. New Kotak Health Care Plan

This senior citizen health insurance plan with extensive coverage is available for people of age 60 to 65 years and it comes with a lifetime renewability benefit on its policy for the policyholders. The claim amount for this plan ranges from Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 10 Lakh. with no restrictions on the maximum age limit in this plan, it comes with convalescence benefits, donor expenses, critical illness cover option, daily cash allowances, etc.

5. New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

This is one of the affordable and very cost-effective health all insurance policies in the insurance market. For pre-existing diseases the customers have to wait for around 18 months before claiming the purchased policy and for standard coverage it is 30 days from the date of purchase of the policy cover. The inclusions of this policy are pre and post-hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, room rents, AYUSH treatments, health checkups, and much more.

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