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You Can Buy Health Insurance for Heart Patients

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or have had surgery in the past, heart health insurance covers you. If you get heart insurance in advance, you are saved from paying huge hospital bills in case of an emergency.

What is Heart Insurance? Must know

Care Heart health insurance plan provides insurance for heart patients. It provides coverage for one person (or one person in a floater policy with two adults). If you have been diagnosed with heart disease in the past or have had cardiac surgery or a related procedure, we have you covered. A health insurance plan saves you from unnecessary stress and caregiver.

Cardiac health insurance is specific insurance for heart patients and is beneficial for individuals with pre-existing heart diseases. People with pre-existing heart disease are more prone to emergencies. With heart care insurance, they can keep themselves safe and cover themselves in times of crisis.

How to buy health insurance for heart patients?

Getting a heart care insurance policy is very easy, and it can be done by following this simple online process:

  • For more details on Care Health Insurance, visit the official website and select a heart insurance policy.
  • Enter your mobile number and e-mail ID, and click on ‘Get Quote’
  • Provide proposer details including contact details, name and pin code
  • Fill in the details like number of persons insured, gender and age. Verify if there are pre-existing conditions
  • Customize your policy with preferred Sum Assured, Policy Term and other details
  • Check the premium and click on ‘Buy Now’. Confirm the offerer details on the ‘Quick Payment’ page
  • Pay the premium easily through any secure digital payment mode like net banking, debit or credit card

You will get health policy documents including e-health card on your registered email-id.

Getting medical insurance in advance for heart patients can prove to be a wise decision as it saves you from huge medical bills and stands by you whenever you need help.

How important is heart health insurance for individuals?

The fast moving lifestyle and sedentary routine are contributing to serious diseases like heart diseases. Heart-related diseases increased by more than 50% between the period 1990 and 2016. This is a wake-up call! More importantly, obtaining specialized health insurance for heart patients becomes fundamental to financial convenience when it comes to heart care.

Ever since the number of patients with heart diseases has increased due to lifestyle issues, it has been observed that people were hardly aware that health insurance exists for heart diseases. However, we soon realized the need for insurance for heart disease and got custom-made heart care insurance.

It helps if you are careful about your health and make the right choices so that the cost of treatment does not harm your family’s financial security in the long run. While a regular health insurance plan helps you get coverage for multiple medical treatments, a heart health insurance plan is indispensable to get financial protection for long-term treatments that cover significant medical expenses while dealing with heart diseases. Combines.

Diseases can come in any form. Nevertheless, it is always possible to protect your health and avert a serious financial impact. So, buy your heart disease insurance today and protect yourself for the years to come.

Benefits of Heart Insurance

Heart disease is a serious health problem and can have different symptoms and types of complications. Health insurance is extremely important in this day and age, especially for individuals who have previously suffered from heart disease.

  • Helps to manage medical inflation:

The cost of surgery and medical treatment for heart diseases is very high. This heart insurance policy acts as a protection cover for your savings against rising health care costs.

  • Affordable Health Plan:

With the comprehensive coverage you get for various medical treatment expenses, the premium for this medical insurance for heart patients is quite affordable.

  • Cashless Hospitalization:

With this health insurance policy for heart patients, you can best avail cashless hospitalization in our network hospital. Take care of your health while we settle your medical bills directly with the hospital.

  • Cardiac Health Check-up:

We help you keep track of your heart health by providing Cardiac Health Check-up once in a policy year under Heart Care Insurance Policy.

  • Lifelong Coverage:

You do not need to look for another policy in future as the lifetime renewal facility allows you to continue the policy through regular policy renewals.

  • Discount:

You can avail long term policy discount on purchasing a health insurance super top up plan for more than 1 year. Get premium discount on 2 year and 3 year policy.

  • Tax Savings:

This Health Insurance Policy For Heart Patients Saves A Lot! You can get tax deduction on premiums paid annually as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


All Important Tips to Choose the Right Heart Care Insurance Plan for Your Family

Considering the need to protect yourself against rising heart diseases, which require long-term care and involve costly treatments, one must invest in the right heart health insurance plan to ensure complete protection against medical inflation. . So, keeping some important points in mind will enable you to choose the best heart care policy for your loved ones.

  • Sum Assured:

As medical inflation continues to rise, choose a higher sum insured that will cover your major medical expenses so that your savings are protected.
Premium: Use a premium calculator while comparing different medical insurance policies for heart patients, which will enable you to identify an affordable policy with maximum coverage.

  • Diseases covered:

It is important to check the diseases and treatments that a cardiac health insurance plan will cover.

  • Eligibility:

Similarly, read the eligibility criteria to understand whether you are eligible to opt for the policy. Choose a policy that offers lifetime renewal.

  • Waiting Period:

The insured must complete a specific waiting period before becoming eligible to receive the claim. So, check the waiting period mentioned in the policy.

  • Network Hospitals:

Check out the list of Cashless Network Hospitals to see if you have easy access to a cashless medical treatment facility.

What will be Covered under Care Heart for Heart Patients?

 In-patient care: Care Heart provides comprehensive coverage up to the sum insured for a person who has been hospitalized for at least 24 hours. The expenses incurred by the individual will be covered either cashless or through reimbursement facility. The expenses covered include room charges, nursing charges, ICU charges, surgeon’s fee/doctor’s fee, etc.

Day Care Treatment: With advances in medical procedures, a patient may require hospitalization for less than 24 hours. For such day care treatments, Care CHI Heart Insurance Plan offers maximum coverage up to the Sum Assured through cashless or reimbursement facility.

Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization benefits: Medical expenses are not just limited to hospitalization costs, so with Care Heart, you can pay both before hospitalization and after hospitalization. There are also covers for subsequent expenses. All you need to do is focus on your treatment and recovery – the insured is covered for 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after discharge.

Coverage for alternative treatments: Health insurance for heart patients provides cover for those who take a combination of conventional medical treatment and alternative medicines for their speedy recovery. We pay up to a specified amount to Ayush for your speedy recovery.

Ambulance Expenses: In case of emergency a patient may require immediate medical attention through ambulance services. Care’s health insurance for heart disease policy covers ambulance charges up to a specified amount if the patient is hospitalized.

Home hospitalization coverage: The illness does not necessarily mean hospitalization – in some cases, the insured will be recommended home care. This usually occurs when the patient is too ill to be transferred, so home-based care is recommended to avoid the added stress of relocation. Care Heart covers home treatment expenses up to 100% of the Sum Assured covered after 3 days.

Automatic recharge facility: Cardiac health insurance policy provides the benefit of automatic recharge. Under this facility, if the policyholder uses the coverage amount up to the maximum limit then the entire sum assured will be restored. The amount restored can be used for future claims other than injury/illness which has already been claimed during the policy year.

No Claim Bonus: If a policyholder does not claim for the entire policy year, he/she gets an increase of 10% in the Sum Assured for the next policy year; But in any case, the ‘No Claim Bonus’ shall not exceed 50% of the Sum Assured under the policy.

Annual Cardiac Health Check-up: Care Heart includes an annual check-up for the insured members, which assesses comprehensive heart and other cardiac parameters. Staying informed is the best way to stay healthy

All Features of Heart Health Insurance

  1. Hospitalization expenses cover
  2. Cover pre and post hospitalization expenses
  3. No pre-policy medical check-up
  4. Cashless & Reimbursement
  5. Annual Cardiac health check-up
  6. No claim bonus
  7. Automatic recharge of sum insured
  8. Lifelong renewability
  9. Tax Benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961


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