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Bima Sugam Insurance : What is Bima Sugam Insurance and what will be the benefit from it, know the answer to every question.

Bima Sugam Insurance Bima Sugam will play an important role in providing insurance benefits to everyone in the country. On 13 February 2024, IRDA has made the draft regulation of Bima Sugam. It is expected that it will be launched this year in June 2024. All insurance can be easily purchased and understood from Bima Sugam platform.

IRDA has released the draft regulation of Bima Sugam. This draft was released on 13 February 2024. In such a situation, it is expected that Bima Sugam Insurance will be launched soon.

It is expected that this insurance plan will be launched by June this year. Let us tell you that IRDA had planned to launch it in January 2023 last year.

Let us tell you today about Bima Sugam Insurance.

What is Bima Sugam?

Bima Sugam is an electronic insurance marketplace. It will be used by insurance companies, policyholders and intermediaries. All aspects of the insurance industry will be involved in this, which will benefit everyone.

Many experts say that Bima Sugam will bring changes in the insurance industry. For example, UPI has played an important role in promoting digital payments. Similarly, Bima Sugam plays an important role in the revolutionary change in the insurance sector.

After making insurance accessible, the cost of insurance companies will reduce, after which insurance products will become cheaper.

Benefits of Beam Sugam

Apart from Life Insurance, Health Insurance and General Insurance, all other insurances will be available on it.

Here customers can easily compare the advantages and disadvantages of insurance of two companies.

For example, if you want to buy car insurance, then you can compare the insurance policies of all the companies with the help of Bima Sugam. After this, select the company whose plan you like.

Insurance will be easy to reach and will help in increasing the reach of insurance.
A large part of the country is still out of the scope of insurance. In such a situation, many people do not have health or life insurance. Bima Sugam will play an important contribution in bringing every person in the country under the insurance coverage by the year 2047.

The biggest reason for this is that it will be much easier to buy and understand insurance on the Bima Sugam platform.

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Bhupendra Pratap
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