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Car Insurance Rules: What coverage will you get if your car sinks in a flood or storm? Know here what the rules are.

This news is very useful for the drivers, do you know whether you will get insurance if your vehicle gets drowned in flood or storm or not? Today we are going to tell you about many important things which you should know before taking vehicle insurance. Should be cleared with the insurance agent.

It is no surprise that Cyclone Michaung has devastated the city of Chennai and seriously damaged people and properties. Among the affected properties, motor vehicles were either swept away or damaged in the storm. This has not only increased disappointment among the people, but has also created apprehensions about the financial burden on their repairs. Questions are arising in the minds of people whether they can claim insurance for vehicles in such circumstances or not. In case of any kind of natural disaster, you can keep important things in mind while taking your motor insurance .

Don’t ignore these things

While taking motor insurance, do not think only about its theft or damage to any part or breakage. But also keep in mind that the insurance you are taking can also provide protection from natural disasters like rain or flood. Because natural disasters can happen anywhere, anytime, huge losses caused by these disasters can become a burden on your pocket.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

When it comes to natural calamities, a comprehensive insurance policy i.e. Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy comes in handy. A motor company will cover damage caused due to natural calamities only if your car is covered under comprehensive motor insurance. However, if the vehicle is washed away in a flood and its engine or gearbox gets damaged during this period, the insurance policy does not provide coverage for this loss.

  1. Some other add-ons: 1. Engine Protection Cover: This add-on provides financial coverage for repair or replacement of engine parts damaged by water ingress – a common concern during floods.

2. Return to Invoice Cover: If you have this cover, you can claim the price for which you purchased the car or the invoice price of the car. This also includes your vehicle registration and road tax. The claim applies when a car is stolen or when it cannot be repaired.

How to make an insurance claim for vehicle damage due to natural disaster?

  • To initiate the claim process, contact your insurance company
  • Take photos and/or a video that shows the damage to the car.
  •  Your insurance company will tell you what documents, records and/or forms you need to complete or apply for.
  • The insurance company can appoint an inspector to inspect the damage caused to the vehicle. The inspector will ask you questions or request relevant information, which you must answer truthfully.
  •  If your claim is approved then your car will be sent to the garage for repair. Depending on the garage you want, the claim settlement can be cashless or in the form of a refund.

IRDA proposed that there will be no much loss on surrendering the life insurance policy.

Bhupendra Pratap
Bhupendra Pratap
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