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Insurance Policy : Big change happening in the insurance sector! Preparation to provide all insurance covers in one policy, complete details

Insurance Policy: Till now you have to take different insurance policies. But in the coming time, you may not need to buy health insurance, life insurance or car insurance policies separately. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is preparing to bring a single insurance policy. With this, you will get all the insurance covers in just one policy.

At present, people have to take different insurance policies to cover health, life, property and accident risks. But the insurance sector regulator IRDAI is working on bringing a single policy which will cover health, life and property insurance. That means by taking a single policy you will get health, life, property and accident insurance cover. You will not need to take separate policies. Taking only one policy will suffice. That means it will be an all in one insurance policy.

IRDA chief Devashish Panda says that the work is difficult, but work on it is going on. We want that all the risks of the people should be covered with one policy. Apart from this, this policy should be easily available to the people and its premium should also be sufficient for the people to pay. The claim should also be settled soon. If our plan takes shape, families across the country may soon be able to get an affordable single policy that will cover health, life, property and accident. Will settle your claims within hours.

Panda says that our effort is to make this policy such that it can attract the common policy holder. This will increase business in the insurance sector and will also create jobs.

Everything in one policy

IRDAI’s plan is to ensure that common people do not have to look for insurance policies from different sectors. Go to one company at once and buy a policy that covers the risks of all sectors including health, life and property. The policyholder has to pay the premium at one place.

Bima Sugam platform will come

An insurance-friendly digital platform will be created, in which companies selling policies and people buying them and distributors can connect. The benefit of this will be that there will be transparency regarding policy features and premium. It will be easy to buy and sell the policy.

quick settlement of claims

Adequate provisions will be made for quick settlement of policy claims. Digital death registry will be linked to the Bima Sugam digital platform. If a policy holder dies, information about it will be available on this platform. This will make it easier to settle claims.

Companies will be allowed to provide other facilities

Insurance companies will be free to provide other facilities for selling the said single policy. The rules set for this will also be changed. For example, if a company wants to provide the facility of joining yoga class with a single policy, it can provide it to the policy holder. This will attract people more towards buying the policy.

Emphasis on promoting

To promote the single policy, publicity will be done at the Gram Sabha level. Women’s participation will be increased in this.



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