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LIC Cancer Cover Plan : Get cancer treatment at low cost along with earning, this plan of LIC is very beneficial

LIC Cancer Cover Plan: Health insurance plan for cancer coverage is provided through LIC. People easily get cancer coverage under this plan. Under this, insurance premiums can be paid half yearly or annually. The term of insurance ranges from 10 to 30 years. Facility of one percent monthly income for 10 years is also provided.

LIC Cancer Cover Plan: In today’s era, it is very important to have health insurance. Nothing can be said about when and which disease will occur. Anyway, a lot of money is spent on diseases. Even people’s homes are sold to get treatment for serious diseases like cancer.

Many people lose their entire lifetime earnings. In such a situation, LIC’s Cancer Cover Plan can provide great relief for cancer. The special thing about this policy is that it provides protection against cancer.

LIC’s Cancer Cover Plan is a regular premium plan. Most of the health insurance companies provide cover for the treatment of serious diseases like cancer. In such a situation, you can take LIC’s cancer cover policy. 100 percent cover of treatment is available in this policy.

Earn money from LIC Cancer Cover Policy

The cancer cover plan of the country’s largest insurance company, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), is a regular premium plan. Under this, the insurance premium has to be paid annually or half-yearly. In this, one percent of the cover is given to the users every month.

If the cancer cover is Rs 30 lakh, you will get Rs 30,000 every month for 10 years. At the same time, if a cancer patient dies during treatment, his family continues to get this monthly income. If the cancer is small then 25 percent of the cover is available. With a cover of Rs 30 lakh, the patient gets Rs 7.50 lakh for treatment. At the same time, if the cancer has reached a dangerous stage, then the remaining money is available for the shame.

You will get the policy after spending Rs 250 per month

If you pay Rs 3000 annually, you get a cancer cover plan of Rs 25000. That means only Rs 250 will have to be paid every month. LIC’s cancer cover policy provides cover from diagnosis to treatment and monthly income. For this, the cancer diagnosis report has to be submitted to the LIC office.

Bhupendra Pratap
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