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Life Insurance Scheme : Benefit of life insurance scheme is also available in post office, know what are the benefits.

Life Assurance There is no guarantee of life. In such a situation, life insurance has become very important to insure one’s own life and family.

Now you can easily get life insurance from the post office nearest to your home. In this article, let us know in detail about Whole Life Assurance (Suraksha) of Post Office.

Whole Life Assurance (Suraksha): Many post offices of the country are providing the benefits of life insurance scheme to the people. Life insurance available through post office is known as Postal Life Insurance or PLI scheme. This scheme includes 6 types of insurance. Many people do not know about this insurance. Today we will tell you about Whole Life Insurance-Suraksha.

Whole Life Insurance-Suraksha

Whole Life Assurance-Suraksha is a life insurance. LIC is known as life insurance in the country. Whereas, there are many more insurance options available in the country.

Whole life insurance-protection plan can be purchased by a person aged between 19 years to 55 years. In this, the policy holder gets a minimum sum assured of Rs 20,000 and a maximum of Rs 50 lakh. This amount is available with the bonus.

If the holder dies in the middle of the policy then this amount goes to the nominee. Loan facility is also provided in this policy.

Whole Life Insurance-Benefits of Protection

  1. In this scheme, tax benefits are available like other policies. You can avail tax deduction under Income Tax Act 80C.
  2. The policy holder of this scheme also has the option to pay the premium. He can pay the premium of the policy by selecting any one option among monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually.
  3. Policy holders can convert their policy into Endowment Assurance Policy after 59 years. There are separate terms and conditions for this.
  4. Whole Life Insurance-The protection policy can be easily transferred to any part of the country.

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