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WhatsApp ChatGPT : Use ChatGPT on Whatsapp for free! Photo will be created as you want and you will get answer for everything

If you want, you can start using AI chatbot ChatGPT on Whatsapp. For this you will not have to go through any long process and you will be able to start chatting by following easy steps.

Generative AI technology is becoming increasingly popular and people are using AI tools to do everything from scripting a video to creating an image with the help of text. This is the reason why AI chatbot ChatGPT has also become increasingly popular.

If you think that the process of using ChatGPT is complicated and not everyone can use it, then you are wrong. With select tools, you can also use ChatGPT on the popular messaging platform Whatsapp.

You must be using WhatsApp every day for chatting with your friends, relatives, colleagues and others, but now it is also getting the option to talk to AI chatbot. You can ask this chatbot questions from around the world, ask homework, ask coding and generate images. Not only this, this tool transcribes any WhatsApp voice note by writing it like text. Also, on sharing a YouTube video link in it, the script of the video is found in the form of text.

ChatGPT can be used in WhatsApp

The Meta-owned app has several options for using ChatGPT’s features. With the help of tools like BuddyGPT, Jinni AI, Shmooz AI, MobileGPT and WhatGPT, the features of ChatGPT 4.0 can be easily availed in the chat window of WhatsApp. Here we are telling how to use WhatGPT, in which many features are combined together. You will be able to use the rest of the AI tools mentioned earlier in the same way as mentioned below.

Now you have to follow these easy steps

First of all update WhatsApp to the latest version and after that you have to go to its website by searching any tool from the above mentioned list in your browser. If you want to

Take the help of WhatGPT, then follow the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to go to WhatGPT website

2. Have to tap on the ‘Open in Whatsapp’ button of purple color seen here.

3. After this you will see Whatgpt written and under it tap on ‘Continue to Chat’ button.

4. After doing this, a chat window with the number +1 (650) 460-3230 will open.

5. If you want, you will be able to save this number directly in your contacts and you will        have to message by writing start on it.

6. You will be shown some terms and conditions, tap on the ‘I Accept’ button below.

7. After this you will see the list of commands and you will be able to start using ChatGPT        through AI tool.



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