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Health Insurance : Shocking disclosure in the survey, only 2 percent senior citizens have health insurance

Health Insurance: In the last few years, there has been some awareness about the health insurance scheme in India, but even today, the country’s large senior citizen population does not have the facility of health insurance.

Health Insurance for Senior Citizens: Since the Corona epidemic, the popularity of health insurance ie health insurance has increased among the people, but even today there is a large section of the country which does not have the benefit of this scheme. Senior citizens are most in need of health insurance scheme, but even today 98 percent of India’s elderly population does not have the benefit of health insurance.

These shocking revelations have come in the recent survey of Insuretech platform Plum. According to the report published in Live Mint, where on one hand there has been an increase in health related expenses in the country, on the other hand only 2 percent of the senior citizens of the country have health insurance scheme.

The number of elderly people is increasing continuously in the country

It is noteworthy that according to the census report, at present the number of senior citizens in India is 138 million, which is likely to increase to 194 million by the year 2031. At the same time, Plum has informed in its report that out of its 35,000 customer base, only 25 percent of the companies have health insurance facilities for senior citizens. In such a situation, most of the customers are not able to take health insurance for their parents and in-laws.

Health insurance provided by institutions is insufficient – survey

The survey also revealed that out of 300 customers, about 29 per cent of the employees feel that the health insurance facilities provided by their companies are inadequate. In such a situation, to increase their coverage,

13 percent of the employees have taken a super-top up so that their parents and other family members can also get better coverage. In such a situation, different employee organizations have been demanding to increase the coverage from their companies for a long time.



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