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Railway Relief Funds: Compensation amount received in train accident increased, know what is the big change in Railways

Compensation is given in case of death or injury to any person in a train accident. Regarding which Indian Railways has now made a big change. Railway Board has decided to increase the ex-gratia amount by 10 times.

Information regarding this was recently released by the Railways. In which he told that the amount to be given to the family of a person injured by a train or who dies is being revised.

This rule has come into effect

According to a circular issued by the Railways, the amount given to the victims of manned level crossing accidents has been increased. This rule has also been implemented from September 18.

How much compensation will you get?

If any person dies in any incident related to the train. So now his family members will be given a compensation of Rs 5 lakh. Along with this, if someone gets seriously injured, he will be given Rs 2.5 lakh, and in case of moderate injury, Rs 50 thousand will be given.

The amount given earlier by the Railways has now been increased ten times. Earlier, the families of the dead were given Rs 50,000, the injured were given Rs 25,000 and those with minor injuries were given Rs 5,000.

If Bharti is in the hospital for a long time

If a seriously injured person is hospitalized for more than thirty days, the compensation amount will also be increased. In case of serious injury, Rs 1,500 will be given per day for six months. An assistance of Rs 3,000 will be given per day for ten days from the date of admission or leave, whichever is earlier.

In case of untoward incidents

Along with this, in case of any untoward incident, a compensation of Rs 1.5 lakh will be given to the families of the deceased, Rs 50,000 to the injured and Rs 5,000 to the minor injured.

Unpleasant incidents include incidents like violent attack, terrorist attack, robbery etc. This amount was Rs 50,000 for the families of the deceased, Rs 25,000 for the seriously injured and Rs 5,000 for the minor injured.

They will not get compensation

People who become victims of accidents at unmanned crossings. Those who get electrocuted by overhead equipment will not be given ex-gratia amount.



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